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Welcome to Phocus

For our corporate clients, we expand upon basic accounting and tax business.jpg related services to provide full-service business management and comprehensive tax/financial planning to realize our clients' business and personal goals.


For our individual clients, we strive to provide much more than tax preparation; taxes.jpg we focus on strategies for greater tax savings, financial planning and building personal wealth and retirement.


Our approach, is specifically adapted to our clients' unique characteristics. balance.jpg We adapt our approach within the framework of overall cost-versus-benefit considerations that should temper every business decision. We strive to know our clients and to understand their business.

Disclaimer: IRS Circular 230 Notice Requirement: This communication is not given in the form of a covered opinion, within the meaning of Circular 230 issued by the United States Secretary of the Treasury. Thus, we are required to inform you that you cannot rely upon any tax advice contained in this communication for the purposes of avoiding United States federal tax or penalties. In addition, any tax advice contained in this communication may not be used as a recommendation to another party.

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